Nature has an underwening power to sooth tensed minds. Amongst water stands pivotal. In this modern high tech are people seek for relaxation and peace of mind from their busy routine stressful life. Water cruises to a very extent can sooth relax and restore your energies and define your self for an absolute life.
The traditional ‘Ketuvalloms’ otherwise called ‘Rice Boats’ or ‘Boats with knots’ which was used by the ancientioners vitally for transferring goods form isolated villages & rural areas to towns, underwent a revolutionary change to the modern exuberant and luxurious houseboats – for cruises in the backwaters of Alleppey and snake canals of Kuttanadu, enjoying the magnificent spectacular view of Kerala exquisite rustic charm of Alleppey and arresting beauty of evergreen Kuttanadu mixed with vast blue serene. These Kettuvalloms are made eco friendly with huge wooden planks, resin made out of cashew nut, coir, bamboo, panambu etc. reformed to well appointed air conditioned luxurious houseboats – really matching a 5 star hotel.

A backwater cruise along the entangled water ways will immense you in unheard melodies of the majestic nature and vivid charm of rustic village life……… the golden rays of rising sun wading through swaying coconuts, variety of birds chirping through the verdant palm groves, cows and sheep grazing beside lush paddy fields, Siberian migratory birds gliding through in a unique formation, flocks of ducklings making a line through the snake canals kingfishers and other water birds diving for a catch, children frolicking in the water, fisherman throwing nets for their days earn, farmers nurturing their fields, and twinkling lamps lit around you with the chirping of crickets & night birds throughout .

It is not the imagination of a poet, a true mystery to be revealed and experienced.

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