Manjishta Ayurveda Heritage Resort offers a diverse range of fun filled leisure activities and opportunities to make every moment in the resort fascinating and memorable for ever and ever.

      It offers a myriad of facilities such as

  •  Superbly furnished conference hall of 100 seating capacity – “Conclave”.

  • Meticulously landscaped open area for banquets and other programs.

  • Well appointed multi cuisine restaurant - “Ootusala- the lake facing open dine” and “Pamaram – the floating restaurant “serving varied dishes of Traditional Kerala, North Indian, Chinese, Italian and Continental delicacies.

  • Suitably arranged Internet Cafe with high speed access.

  • Travel Desk.

  • Vibrant Library for leisure reading.

  • Direct Dialing Telephone.

  • Ayurvedic rejuvenation and massage for a healthy life is a perfect synchrony with Mother Nature.

  • Children play area.

  • Basket ball court and badminton court.

  • Table tennis board and caroms board.

  • Riding on speed boats and water scooters.

  • Canoeing on country boats and wheries (Kothumpu vallom).

  • Sunset cruise on motor boats and houseboats.

  • Swimming and Fishing in lake.

  • Trekking to the rustic village squares through the lush verdant paddy fields dancing with the wind.

  • Stepping through the vast thick botanical treasure caressed by the tender breeze from the lake throughout, while watching vivid variety of birds, chirping and flickering above your head.

  • “Maddam” – an ideal wooden house to rest in while watching the crisscrossing houseboats and tourist boats. Enjoying the enticing charm of natural splendor and the delegated marvelous sight of a glorious sunset.

  • 24 hours room service.

  • Laundry facilities.

  • Sight seeing trips, musical programs, cultural show, stage show & campfire on request.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Programmes & Massages

AYURVEDA - the "Knowledge of Life" is an ancient and time proven health science which had a mesmerizing effect to cure the chronic ailments too. In Manjishta Ayurveda Heritage Resort, Ayurveda  and massage parlor functions as a right fit to rejuvenate and refresh the reputed guest on demand. The Ayurvedic centre provides highly experienced male and female therapists for which male and female guests can avail the service of respective therapists for their body massage and health programs. Treatments are provided for nasal and ear ailments, chronic headache and rheumatic problems only after consulting with the doctor.

Programs Offered by Manjishta Ayurveda Heritage Resort
  • RASAYANA CHIKILSA (REJUVENATION THERAPY): This treatment is to reverse the degenerative process happening in the body. An ideal program to feel young.
  • PANCHAKARMA SODHANA CHIKILSA (BODY PURIFICATION PROGRAM): This program helps in purifying the whole body to attain the Deha equilibrium as well as in helping reinforcing the body immunity system.
  • KAYAKALPA CHIKILSA (BODY IMMUNIZATION THERAPY): It is an optimum combination of purification & rejuvenation program.
  • MANASWASTA CHIKILSA (STRESS MGT THERAPY): This therapy help you to manage and reduce the effects of stress, depression & melancholy.
  • MEDHODHARA CHIKILSA (SLIMMING PROGRAM): This program includes restricting the diet and a combination of massages and oral meditation

Ayurvedic Packages

Package: 01 Rejuvenation Therapy
Duration: One and a half hours / day for 07 to 14 days
This is a complete rejuvenation therapy comprising of synchronized special massage, Herbal steam bath, Njavarakizhi, Pizichil etc. this carefully planed health program is directed towards and vitality. It will also go on long way to tone up the skin and improve complexion.

Package: 02 Body Immunization
Duration: One and a half hours/day for 07 to 21 days. This is complete immunization therapy comprising of relevant rejuvenation Therapy and Panchakarma Therapy, which varies from person to person. The Ayurveda Doctor in the centre will suggest the suitable program. This carefully planned health program is directed towards strengthening the immune system in order to achieve ideal health and to prevent seasonal diseases.

Package: 03 Body Sudation
Duration: One hour per day for 07 days. This package comprises synchronized massage and herbal steam bath. This is meant for improving physical consistency, better eye sight, inducing deep sleep, reduces high blood pressure elimination of impurities in the system etc. it improves the complexion and texture of the skin and provides shining and softness to the skin.

Package: 04 Body slimming
Duration: one hour per day for 07 days. This package is deep massage using herbal powers. This reduces obesity, imparts, mobility to joints, strengthens muscles and refreshes the body.

Package: 05 Panchakarma Therapy
Duration: 02 Hours a day for 07 to 14 days. The package contains the famous Panchakarma [05 therapies] and some of the sub therapies. It is a total and integrated health pack meant for both the healthy and sick. The packages are for seven days and can be extended up to 14 to 21 days. Therapies include synchronized massage, herbal steam bath, Njavarakizhi, Pizichil sirodhara etc. following Panchakarma therapy.

Note: There will be exclusive regimes for each visitor. Diet, dress regulations day to day activities etc. will be monitored as per the prescription of the physician. The above package includes selected treatments in combinations as per the doctor's decision.

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